Let us provide you a China based and staffed, customized Help Desk team using ITIL-based best practices, without capital investment, staff retention issues, trouble ticketing system or infrastructure requirements. Have your IT staff focus on your business issues while we support your end-users around the clock.  Our 24×7 Help Desk Service Centers are located in Shanghai China.

How can i request a service? 

BROCENT SERVICE CENTER LOCATES IN SHANGHAI, CHINA. Customer end user can always request for IT service by sending emails to it-service@brocent.com or call Toll free hotline (+86) 400-008-2008.

Besides, BROCENT also delivers the preventive maintenance service for network devices, servers, applications and security devices. Any service request, customer end user can send email to noc@brocent.com

Is service available out of business hour? 

Yes, BROCENT delivers tailored service level agreement to fit for customer's requirement. Based on SLA, we dispatch engineers 24 Hours, 7 Days. For those service request that needs hardware spare part, our warehouse in each service zones opens 24x7 as well.

Service no response, how to escalate? 

BROCENT commits to deliver quality assured IT service. In the process of IT Service delivery, you may always escalate your service tickets to UST@brocent.com, or you may call your account manager.

What is your available SLA? 

BROCENT delivers tailored service level agreement to fit for customer's requirements. Usually the standard SLA includes three components:

[1] Service Desk Response Time;

[2] Field Service Response Time;

[3] Problem Resolution Time

BROCENT commits the penalty and compensation solutions for customers for any service what is in violation with the agreed service level agreement. Learn More

Is service available out of business hour?

Yes. If you are new to BROCENT, and needs our service urgently out of business hour, please send request to sales@brocent.com to activate your service account. 


BROCENT currently operate 24×7 Help Desk centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong that use ITIL compliant processes and advanced IT management toolsets. Over 90% of all Help Desk service calls are answered within 40 seconds (industry leading).  Our Help Desk teams are organized by customer, so they become familiar with your systems and your people. Incidents are resolved by our remote services team or an on-site visit by one of our experienced engineers. We’ve got you covered.

What is the credit terms if we partnership?

BROCENT offer 30 days credit terms for customers

Can you help issue VAT invoice? 

BROCENT is certified VAT TAX Payer, and is liable to issue the VAT invoice to customers.

How to incremental the hourly service? 

This is only applicable to TOKEN service. Each onsite service will consume Min. two tokens. After two hours, the service incremental of charge will be 30 minutes.

Incremental scheme is not applicable to R-Token service.

Is it acceptable to offset the invoices for the mutual business?

Yes. We usually offset the bill with our oversea business partners. White label Service is usually delivered on behalf of counter-parties. 


Instead of keeping up with the latest technologies (training budget) or hiring new IT staff skilled in a particular area (which may be hard to find) let BROCENT provide you the 24×7 Help Desk services you need for each of the skillsets you require.  Gain the experience of IT professionals, over 150 individuals with certifications in over 70 disciplines.  You may only need a resource when a specific problem occurs, but this support could make all the difference.

Are all your engineer speaking English?

Yes, most of our engineers speak English.

What is your service coverage? 

BROCENT has four service centers in China, which are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. All service is delivered throughout zone service centers. You may consult the "SERVICE COVERAGE" to study more in detail.

What is the hourly rate?

We have standard service for the service offers including Tokens, R-Tokens, Collocation service, and any other professional service. You may send email to sales@brocent.com to consult more in detail.

Where is your warehouse in China? 

Yes, our warehouse locates in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Do you offer cloud service in China?

Yes, but we only deliver the ECS, Rational database and backup as a service as of now. We are business partners of ALIYUN, QCLOUD, AZURE and AMAZON.

What is the standard service rate in China?

For Token service, our standard rate in China mainland is USD45 per hour, and the standard rate in Hong Kong is USD 110. If you wish to study our daily rate and the price of collocation engineer, please send email to sales@brocent.com to ask your dedicate account manager.

What is the Minimum period of contract ?

For collocation engineer service, the Min. period is one month

Do you accept English contract in US Dollar currency? 

Yes. BROCENT Finance and legal center is based in Hong Kong. The business transaction can be easily made via HSBC.

Can we renew or suspend the IT service contract with Brocent? 

Yes, usually the IT service contract is agreed with auto contract renewal based on the agreed term and conditions on the contract. Customer can suspend or change the service duration with notification in one month advance

Any other professional IT Service ?

BROCENT is also delivering service, i.e., IT New office setup, IT Relocation service and Data backup solution. You may consult our IT service offering from the top menus.