Business Partnership

Delivering high valued IT managed service in China, Brocent China works a lot with domestic and international IT partners in term of IT man power, multiple vendor IT product support, zone IT support and some consulting service. Building up such IT Service Eco-system, it drives business values to all interest parties in the supply chain.  Adopting a Partner Relationship Management is a smart move for Brocent business. And it optimizes the performance of the whole channel partners within the Eco-systems.


Understand more about BROCENT's approach to Managed IT Services

  • Learn more About Us and our Mission and Vision in the Managed IT Services industry.
  • BROCENT is committed to improving the quality of service throughout the areas we serve. Learn more.
  • BROCENT's  IT infrastructure management services are award-winning in the industry.
  • Our China based 24x7 Help Desk work better together for quicker problem resolution.
  • Why the IT Outsourcing business model can work for you.  Outsourced IT services typically save 17% - 35% of your total IT budget.
  • Some organizations like local support, find out more about our services in: BEIJINGSHANGHAIGUANGZHOU and HONG KONG.