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Managed IT Outsourcing Service | Your IT Team in China

Brocent is Your China IT Team. We are working in China, and speak the same language with you; We are living in different time zone, but we are working at the same time windows. We deliver the IT outsourcing service in multiple locations in China, and this includes the " Break-fix Service", " Secondment Service", " IT Maintenance Service Package for local Office", and " Network Deployment Service". Moreover, our project management service supports customer to implement the IT infrastructure and deployment of IT applications, and this includes the New Office IT Setup and Relocation service. 

At Brocent, we understand the challenges our customers face in a market driven by costs, user experience and fierce competition. Brocent’s Managed Services portfolio delivers a wide range of innovative capabilities to transform your networks, operations and customer experience. By reducing risk and time-to-market when introducing new technologies, our customers can focus on what matters to them and their business.


"The BROCENT team provided exactly the kind of support that we are looking for. A job well done by their service center and field engineers! I am sure that the same level of support will be extended to other parts of Asia, especially Guangzhou and Hong Kong." 

 - Senior IT Director, A Hedge Fund Company 

 "We are really impressed by BROCENT service effciency and quality. The team is very responsive in handling our service request. When compared with the past ,we had to wait hours or even overnight to get a solution, we now receive faster and better service. Now BROCENT supports all our 34 retailer shops in China. We are considering to extend this to their Hong Kong zone."

 - IT Director, A Retailer Company


  • Standard Device Monitoring
  • Advanced Device Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring and preventive remote support


  • Remote IT Support
  • Engineering Support Services
  • 24/7/365 Customer Care and Technical Staff Availability


Sometimes you may just have a simple question or have a problem that you know can be resolved by a few instructions from our IT experts. Our remote support services mean that you know we are only a phone call away should a problem or emergency arise. If your security policies allow it, we can remotely take control of your users’ computer to provide even swifter computer support and resolution of issues.


We provide the data center infrastructure to run your operations, including space, power and bandwidth (ping), and we perform basic monitoring. Tell us what you want  to achieve and we will help you plan and design a high quality and cost effective solution. Not only do we have the technical support expertise, we also have long term  relationships with vendors, solution providers and partners to offer you the solutions.

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Reduce Cost
  • Performance Driven
  • Technology Expertise
  • Service Porfolio
Single Point of Contact

Brocent China provides a single point-of-contact (SPOC) for all technology-related vendor issues. Our support engineers will contact technology vendors directly to triage and manage issues to ensure a speedy resolution, freeing up you and your staff’s valuable time. This is including Phone and Internet Service Providers, Voice or Data Network-Connected Equipment, Phone Systems, Software Applications, Server and Cloud IAAS system.

Reduce Cost
Performance Driven
Technology Expertise
Service Porfolio


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